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Black Week – Limited Time Only

Black Week – Limited Time Only

Enjoy exclusive deals during our AV-Boards Black Week and find out Dynamo, Thew Turn and BT-Freemove 2021 models!
For more informations contact us at info@avboards.com or our exclusive dealers.

Dynamo Wave

Dynamo Wave is a very compact board with a fast progressive rocker. We tested this shape in all kinds of conditions and the feeling is always to have a small board under the feet, even if you got all the volume you need to have a good floatability. The volume distribution gives a lot of control making this board very easy and always fun to ride. The Dynamo Wave is the best compromise between speed and turn ability in the wave, and after the first time you ride it, you can feel that you’ve never experienced a kind of wave riding like this before!

Dynamo Wave features 5 fin boxes, so you can use both in quad or thruster fins configuration. It’s up to you to decide which fins set up to use: this way the board will give the best during small waves sessions, and will ride incredibly during the hard core days. The Dynamo Wave will become your favorite wave board!

SIZES 78/85/92

The Turn

The Turn is a freestyle board stable and easy to ride, but at the same time it’s also fast and exciting. It has a lot of pop and it rotates through moves super quickly. The Turn is able to suit all kind of riders and skills. A Top rider freestyler can perform all the latest power moves riding this board, but The Turn is also a great all-rounder for all levels of freestylers.

SIZES 94/103

BT – Free Move

We designed and developed a new concept of board, with parallel rails and super compact length, delivering unmatchable speed, planing ability and ease of use. After lots of prototypes and countless hours of development, we found out our most innovative shape for this program, and we’re happy to present the new BT.
There is nothing new on a parallel rail free move or freestyle wave design, but we’re sure we pushed forward the boundaries for this kind of design. Whether it be higher wind freeride, with end of run moves being a thing, or small to medium size wave shredding, with an emphasis on full rail carves, the BT delivers on all fronts. So if you’re looking for something new, we got what you are looking for…

SIZES 87/97/103

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