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AV Boards Story

AV Boards / AV Boards Story
The blue and cloudless sky, the heat of the sun that, from the scorching beach, radiates from the feet to the whole body, making you desire and at the same time fear to move towards the salt water that spreads in front of your eyes.

And there, once you are in the middle of high waves and white water, with your heart beating fast and concentration driving every movement, a single line divides you between the blue in the sky and the blue of the sea: the boards by Aurelio Verdi.

A passion that starts from afar, and that has led the designer to become, within a few years, one of the international references in design and production of windsurf boards.

Partner of the greatest champions of the world scene, Verdi has been able to collaborate with the most important companies in the sector such as Cobra Ltd, and many custom factories around the world.

From Spain to Hawaii, a world tour made in the name of love for the handmade production of windsurf boards, which are able to sail the sea, and to divide the sky from the water.

Aurelio Verdi met his great love, the creation of surfboards, in 1997: in that year, in fact, he began his career as a shaper on the coasts of Tuscany.

The following year, the meeting with Roberto Ricci gave a decisive turning point to his destiny, thanks to the entry into the RRD’s factory, and the beginning of a long season of successes, which continues today.

To understand how the story of the shaper of the fastest surfboard in the world really began, however, it is necessary to take a step back, and return to the sunny summer of 1996, in Castiglione della Pescaia.
Aurelio and his brother Attilio, at that time, were simple boys engaged as waiters. The fascination of a surfer’s life, however, attracted them right away, making them dream of a life kissed by the sun and bathed by the sea. For this reason, the two took a basic surf course, and only a few months later, thanks to common friends, a meeting with Roberto Ricci took place.

The collaboration with Roberto Ricci brings Aurelio Verdi directly into a new world, the windsurfing world, until then considered always distant and unaccessible.

In fact, Marina di Grosseto was at that time already a land of conquest for prominent figures on the scene, such as Alessandra Sensini, a multi Olympic windsurf champion.

It is within the RDD’s factory laboratories that Aurelio truly realizes that this activity can represent his future: shortly thereafter, in just two years, he manages to support Roberto in the design of the board waterlines, up to playing the role of designer manager of all RRD windsurfing, sup, kitesurf and surf boards collections, tightening profitable collaborations with top shapers like Keith Teboul.

That wasn’t always easy: Aurelio was also involved in windsurf competitions, and having to deal with production management and races, the time available was always very little. It was thanks to this commitment, however, that his name began to circulate in the windsurfing business, and the world became aware of the quality of his productions, which were able to combine the Italian excellence and genius, with the precision of computerized production .

From the first day of work, spent observing Roberto Ricci’s creations, Aurelio Verdi’s goal was to experiment with the use of new materials and working methods.

This is how the shaper, still young but already supported by a strong experience, was able to develop increasingly extreme and fast boardlines, managing to forge strong ties with the strongest riders in the world.

Thanks to his friendship with some of the most important athletes in the world, Verdi was able to create boards based on the feedback received, integrating everything with the use of accurate technologies.
This is how advanced products were created which, starting from a classic shape, managed to reach remarkable levels of complexity, guaranteeing at the same time functionality and versatility, and this was possible only thanks to custom hand-made manufacturing.

Aurelio Verdi creates boards for those who love surfing, guaranteeing specific solutions for the needs of all customers, and for all those who want to try kiteboarding, sup and windsurfing as well.

Aurelio Verdi’s mission is to make surfboards that are real technical prodigies: strong of this goal, the shaper managed to achieve in 2015 the fastest windsurf board ever, and to get on the top of the world thanks to the winning boards of the PWA World Tour Champion in the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 seasons.

These results, however, did not come by chance, but rather as the result of tenacity, passion and a spirit of sacrifice.
In each of his works, Verdi is capable of transferring his vision, his spirit, which blends perfectly with the technological tools he’s able to manage. It is in this continuous mixture of reason and feeling, together with technique and artisan gesture, that the Tuscan shaper acts to create boards able to challenge the laws of physics, and to bring the strongest athletes to dominate the highest and most fearful waves.

The use of computer equipment, CAD and CNC systems, therefore allows the creation of unique productions, with precise and clear hydrodynamic lines, able to guarantee constant performance and high speed.

Aurelio Verdi gives his customers the chance to sail the sea with confidence and power: in fact, in his small factory located in the splendid territory surrounding the Maremma coast in Italy, the shaper works daily to spread the quality of his new brand, AV Boards.

A new, fascinating challenge that aims to introduce international enthusiasts to what it means to have the fastest surfboard, kiteboard, sup and surf in the world.

It will only be after jumping up on your new AV Board, though, that you will be able to see the ocean in a new way, and to challenge the waves with contempt of danger: only then, in fact, it will be possible to fully understand the gift that Aurelio Verdi and his boards give to all water lovers.