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BAM Distribution takes charge of AV-Boards

BAM Distribution takes charge of AV-Boards

AV-Boards set up a new brand organization with BAM Distribution who has now taken charge of the brand worldwide.

After the official announcement that our “Tuscan shaper,” Aurelio Verdi, has now joined forces with the Cobra International Technical Team, everyone realized that something had actually changed in AV-Boards. Something had changed, but nothing had changed!

In fact, Aurelio Verdi decided to seize this important job opportunity and personal growth chance because he managed to reorganize AV-Boards to keep going, thanks to the significant contribution of BAM Distribution, the former agent for AV-Boards in France, who has now taken charge of the brand worldwide.

BAM Distribution aims to bolster AV BOARDS’ sales efforts globally, expand the distribution network, and tap into new markets. With their extensive network and expertise, we are confident that they will drive sales growth and enhance AV Board’s presence on a global scale.

Therefore, BAM Distribution will plan and manage the production, distribution, and sale of AV-BOARDS. As for development, nothing will change. AV-Boards will continue to benefit from the experience of his shaper and of the most radical windsurfers on the planet, such as Camille Juban in wave riding, Jacopo Testa in freestyle, and now also Tristan Algret in racing disciplines.
We’ll keep you updated on the developments
The AV-Boards Team

We at BAM Distribution are honored to be a part of the AV boards family, and we pledge to continue our unwavering commitment in delivering the best products to the market. Together, we will strive for excellence and set new benchmarks in the industry

Hervè Bastide – BAM Distribution

BAM Distribution is the French distributor of AV-Boards since the very beginning of our journey and I have the full trust in Hervè experience and skill in our board sports environment. I have the utmost respect for Herve, both as a person and as a sportsman and for what he has demonstrated on the market in his years of activity as a distributor and manager. This is the first step of a new AV-Boards journey.

Aurelio Verdi – AV-Boards

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