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NEW 2022 AV-Boards Collection

NEW 2022 AV-Boards Collection

After 2 years with the same successful board collection, Aurelio Verdi (soul, shaper and CEO of the brand) developed a new range to face the 2022 season.

AV-Boards keeps going with its long term strategy of products developed and made only with top designs and construction technologies, so the news range can stay in collection at least another couple of seasons. 

So the new collection that AV-Boards is going to introduce in beginning of  2022 features the same super strong and superlight technology that allows AV-Boards to give 2 years warranty on all the boards of the range, the same superlight paint process in order to save weight but still having super trendy artwork on the boards, and with many improvement in small details which will make the difference.

The new AV-Boards collection features new shapes, new designs and improved all-round performance, so let’s have a look what’s going on, in details.

Dynamo -> Wave

Aurelio Verdi completely revised all the AV-Boards Wave range, so for 2022 collection only the name Dynamo is the same of the previous collection! The new Dynamo Wave range features 6 brand new shapes with outline slightly wider to increase all-round wave performances: Dynamo 70 (219 x 54 x 70L), Dynamo 78 (220 x 56,5 x 78), Dynamo 85 (222 x 58 x 85L), Dynamo 92 (224 x 59,5 x 92L), Dynamo 98 (225 x 61 x 98L), Dynamo 116 (225 x 64 x 116L). The scoop line is the same, but the bottom shape has been revised and now features an increased V from nose to tail, with light double concave from tail to mid section of the board, so the board is even easier to turn thanks to the increased manoeuvrability.  The rocker line is slightly more curved in order to have a board faster and loose feeling. Dynamo 70 and 78 feature an increased tail kick to give even more manoeuvrability on extreme wind and wave conditions. To enhance the turning performance the footstrap are positioned slightly back compared to the previous collection.  

All the boards will features 5 boxes (US box for the center fin and Slot Box for the side fins) in order to allow thruster or quad setup depending the conditions and the style of the rider. The construction is still the trademark Carbon Kevlar double sandwich with pigmented resin.

SIZES 70/78/85/92/98/116

Nytro -> FreeWave

Nytro is the new FreeWave range of boards, featuring 4 new shapes: 87 (228 x 58,5 x 87lt), 97 (229 x 60 x 97lt), 103 (230 x 62,5 X 103 lt), 113 (232 x 65 x 113 lt). Developed from previous AV-Boards FreeWave concept, Nytro boards are more Allround-Wave oriented, featuring a new outline with a narrower nose, a straighter and faster scoop line with a reduced kick in the tail. The tail features the classic swallow shape, with slightly less volume, but wide enough to give acceleration and pimp early planning  performances. The bottom shape is full double concave with a pronounced V on the tail to enhance manoeuvrability and easier turn ability. All the shapes feature a thruster setup with slot box on the front fins and a power box on the central fin. Nytro can be also a great single fin performer, for sessions more freeride oriented, especially for the bigger volumes, that can be used as summer allrounder.

SIZES 87/97/103/113

The Turn -> FreeStyle

On the freestyle side, The Turn range has been updated with 2 brand new shapes, 94 (217 x 62), 103 (217 x 63,5), featuring a shorter outline with a rounder and wider tail to enhance the take off when performing tricks and a rounder nose as well. The scoop line is the same of the previous version and bottom shapes as well, with flat and V without double concave, to allow fast and easier turn and spin of the board. So the shape is more compact and in line with the trend of new freestyle meves and generations. Also the construction technology is the same: Carbon Kevlar Full Double Sandwich with pigmented resin to have a lighter weight but heavy duty board.

SIZES 94/103

Chubby -> FreeMove

The previous free-move range BT (Bat Tail) is not anymore in collection, while the Chubby range lost the classic nose protector and now covers the Freemove/Freeride program.

The Chubby 107 (231,5 X 64 x 107L), Chubby 97 (228 x 61,5 x 97L) and Chubby 90 (227 x 59,5 x 90 L) are 3 brand new fast and single fin cross-over shapes, more free-move oriented, featuring a power box, a narrower nose and tail, a straighter scoop line, with light V and double concave on all the bottom. The outline of Chubby 90, 97 and 107 is slightly longer and narrower than the Chubby 117, 127, 137 to increase performances and comfort in choppy and windy conditions.

SIZES 90/97/107

Chubby -> FreeRide

The 3 bigger shapes Chubby 137 (237 x 83 x 137L), Chubby 127 (235 x 78 x 127L) and  Chubby 117 (234 x 73 x 117L) keep the same shape (now without the integrated nose protector), keep featuring a tuttle box (foil ready) and keep covering a more freeride oriented program.

SIZES 117/127/137

Pathfinder -> Entry Level

With basically all the boards and shapes and ranges of the previous AV-Boards collection having been tuned, refined, expanded and re-focused, the only exception is the entry level board Pathfinder (236 x 80 x 165 lt), that keeps the same shape and construction, but with a new updated artwork.

Nuvolari -> FreeRace

Coming from the experience on the Modena Slalom range, AV-Boards developed a new FreeRace range called Nuvolari available in 3 sizes: Nuvolari 106, 119, 132.
The outline features a narrower nose and tail compared to Modena boards, to enhance comfort and easier jibing. The rail are lower and more freeride oriented and the footstrap positions a two: one insider for freeride oriented sessions or to enhance control in bumpy conditions, and a second option more on the rail, for sport oriented session or flat water conditions. The bottom shape is developed from Modenas, with shorter flat rear section and smaller cut outs on Nuvolari 106 (228 x 66 x 106L) and Nuvolari 119 (229 x 71 x 119L). The boards feature the deck concave to have the same slalom setup on the water. The Nuvolari 132 (227 x 78 x 132L) features a slightly longer rear flat section on the bottom and a deep Tuttle box foil ready, so can be used also in super light wind conditions to ride on a foil.

SIZES 106/119/132

Modena Slalom -> Slalom

Modena Slalom is still the name of AV-Boards slalom range, now featuring 6 boards: Modena Slalom 88, 98, 108, 118, 128, 138. Now the Modena Slalom range suits all the possible wind conditions and covers all the possible combinations for national, international and World Cup competitions.

Modena Slalom 88 (229 x 60 x 88L) and 98  (229 x 62 x 98L) are the strong wind shapes of the range. Both boards feature the same bottom shape and scoopline, with flat in the last 90 cm and light V from tail to nose. The straight scoop line on the mid section of the board is developed for pure speed, while the higher nose and the cut out on the tail allows to the boards to lift enough to manage chops and jibe in full speed and control.
The 2 shapes for the medium range of wind are the Modena Slalom 108 (229 x 68 x 108L) and Modena Slalom 118 (229 x 72,5 x 118L). Both boards feature the same bottom shape and scoopline, with a slightly shorter flat and a higher scoop line than 88 and 98. The bottom shape features a deep v in the mid section of the board, ending with a very light V on the tail.
Modena Slalom 128 (229 x 77 x 128L) and Modena Slalom 138 (227 x 85 x 138L) are the lightwind machines and have been redesigned from scratch, with a narrower outline on the front section and more volume on the slightly wider tail and on the back section of the rails, where the rider stands with the feet. The bottom shape feature a flat tail with a light V increasing to a deeper V on the mid section of the board, where we have the maximum width. This setup allow to the 128 and 138 to be more powerful on the back foot to go better and faster upwind, to accelerate quicker, to keep momentum and speed downwind, enhancing the overall performance in lightwind conditions and control in strong gust or stronger wind conditions.

SIZES 88/98/108/118/128/138

Modena Speed -> Speed

AV-Boards has a dedicated Speed range called Modena Speed featuring 3 sizes: Modena Speed 40, Modena Speed 45, Modena Speed 52, where the number in the name is the width of the board.
The Modena Speed 40 (227 x 40 x 50L) is the board coming from years of test and development and speed records at Luderitz Speed Challenge. The other sizes have been evolved starting from the experience accumulated on development of the Modena Speed 40.
So, Modena Speed 45 (228 x 45 x 63L) features the same bottom shape and the scoopline of the 40, but with a slightly increased V on the tail. The wider outline and tail, the thicker rails and the 13 liters of more volume make this board the perfect choice for speed competition in medium to strong wind.
The Modena Speed 52 (229 x 52 x 78L) features the same bottom shape of the 45, but with a slightly increased V on the tail in order to give more control in choppy conditions, since this board can be used in open waters speed sessions. This size feature also a deck concave in order to lower down the board setup during the navigation and to keep momentum and speed in case of wind hole. So with it’s 78 liters, the Modena Speed 52 is the perfect choice for open waters speed sessions, and also for super fast high wind slalom sessions!

SIZES 40/45/52

Modena Foil -> Slalom Foil

The Modena Foil 91 is the board that Aurelio designed and tuned thanks to the years of experience in the development of lightwind slalom boards and foil race boards. This board is the synthesis and the evolution of our knowledge. The cut-out and step on the bottom of the tail are wide and designed to make the Modena Foil 91 easier performing gybes, with powerful acceleration and easy take off.

The bottom features a light Vee slightly pronounced on the middle section of the board, and light bevel on the nose rails for easier take off and to soften the landings during touch down. The mast track is positioned on a 2 cms recess on the deck to make easier to close the gap with the sail on the board and improve board balance and aerodynamic during the flight.The construction is full-carbon and full-sandwich with 80 Kg/m3 with reinforcements under the steps. These are the features of the board that we designed to fight for the victory on all the windsurf foil racing fields, national and international.


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